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Promotional Merchandise

Point of Sale (POS) promotions are a great tool to enhance customer loyalty and increase general brand awareness. Allow us to help you conquer the hearts (and minds) of your clients with well thought-out Gifts with purchase (GWP) completely in line with your budget & corporate (brand) identity.


Clients, employees and even suppliers all have one important thing in common. Every once in a while they deserve a token of your appreciation. Help us spoil your specific interest groups with a tailored gift that will serve as a constant reminder of your valued brand

Loyalty Programs

Well thought out incentives and Loyalty programs help create an intense and unique bond with your label or brand. Customer loyalty at its best by rewarding what you hold dearest; your  client and your brand.

Clothing and Textiles

Brands can hardly ever be closer to the heart than put on a t-shirt, down-jacket or even a cufflink or tie.  Embroidery, screen-print or sublimation of your brand all lead to the important sense of unity and provide a never-ending boost of positive energy. 



A short while ago we were contracted by Pepsico in order to develop an authentic looking bowling-

bag exactly like those back in the day. Apart from the clearly visual Pepsico retro logo in the front and

back we also advised our client to opt for a side label and zipper-pullers that are more subtly Pepsico

branded. Apart from that we hinted fortification of the bottom part using metal feet to prevent early

wear and tear.

DIP : Pepsico
Item : Retro Bowling tas
Scope : Belgium en the Netherlands

Showpad is a relatively young company (anno 2011) on a growth fast-track. Among other things it is

most famous for its platform most commonly accessed through tablets allowing sales representatives

to digitalize the selling-experiences and acquiring all the big-data that are relevant . This company

forces us to think creatively and coming up with eye-catchers that match the innovation of their own


DIP : Showpad
Item : Miscellaneous give-aways
Scope : België and United States
Autoscout 24
Autoscout 24

Autoscout (by origin a German company) is the most frequently visited second-hand car-sale

platform in Europe. For the conceptualization of a personalized gift for their professional users

(second hand car dealers) we came up with a powerbank completely in line with their corporate

identity. The item had to fit the constraints of a standard sized mailbox in order to be ready for

individual shipping.

DIP : Autoscout 24
Item : 4000 mAh powerbank op maat
Scope : België en Luxemburg
Omega Pharma plush animals
Omega Pharma plush animals

The Perrigo PLC subsidiary Omega-Pharma requested us to design 3D Plush Animal versions of their famous mascots Lou and Louise. Till that point only 2D sketches  existed of Lou (the Whale) and Louise (the Rabbit) destined to differentiate between their baby skin care and skin cleansing products. Apart from a good price-setting aspects such as certified kid safety were very important. The plush Rabbits and Whales appeared in pharmacies across the country  enhancing the relationship between the customer and their brand.

Client : Omega Pharma
Item : Plush Animal
Scope : Belgian Pharmacies

This project clearly demonstrates the services of DIP. For the launch of Roularta Media Group’s

Storesquare (an easy to use online platform for offline shops) we were contacted by this long term

client in order to develop a recognizable sign for the passerby to notice. The importance of this LED-

sign lies in indicating the fact that when the physical shop closes the online version “OPEN(S) on

Storesquare”. The client opted for an AC-powered version on a pedestal making use of white LED-

light increasing visibility and in-shop user-friendliness.

Client : Roularta Media Group – STORESQUARE Ledlight
Item : Acrylic LED sign
Scope : Retailers across Belgium
Unilin End-of-year gift
Unilin End-of-year gift

In order to help Unilin thank it’s employees for another year of hard work and dedication, they approached us for the design of a high-quality 100% custom made parka-jacket. After eliminating a fleece and softshell option and several samples we went into further detail about the logo embroidery and even the inside label. Eventually a “Happy Workout” label was selected in  consent with the HR department that wanted it to transmit it’s “core values” in a unique and original fashion.

Client : Unilin
Item : Polyester Parka Jacket
Scope : Employees in Belgium
Autoscout 24
Omega Pharma plush animals
Unilin End-of-year gift
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The team

Marc Saey
General Manager
Marc Saey

As a managing director Marc is primarily responsible for the tailored solutions needed by the larger accounts. It requires daily Quality Control and intense follow-up with the buy-side in order to keep the clients not just happy yet ecstatic (our aim). Quality control and Trend watching require him to visit sector related fairs held mainly in Germany and China on top of on-site factory visits.

Isabelle De Pauw
accounting, marketing, account manager
Isabelle De Pauw

Isabelle is not only responsible for accounting but also manages the marketing and communication of DIP. With a frequent client visit and quotation when things get too busy, she has the broadest view on our business.

Ann Claerhout
Ann Claerhout

Ann is primarily responsible for internal sales. Long or short deadlines for quantities big or small are no challenge for her. She will always carefully select  the ideal party in order to come up with the correctly tailored solution by asking the appropriate questions. Ann assists Marc with far-east quality imports as well, providing her with the broadest buy-side spectrum.

Annelies Bultinck
Sales, backorder
Annelies Bultinck

Annelies is responsible for internal sales, artwork visualization & approval and logistics. By maintaining a direct line with the client she has a very important task maintaining high client satisfaction levels. With careful planning she makes sure the most challenging deadlines are a success.

Linda Vandevorst
Linda Vandevorst

Linda is responsible for all in-house handling. She performs quality control on all deliveries and prepares the goods for shipment to the client. Sometimes clients require us to supply divisions or franchises directly. Linda also pad-prints smaller batches, gift wraps and is foremost  our in-house overall problem solver.

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